Since Islam is the only way of life chosen by Allah, every human being should acquire proper knowledge of Islam. And as all human beings are created for the worship of one god, all should lead their lives in the way shown by Him. therefore, inviting people to the path of Allah is one of the best good deeds. Throughout the ages, the prophets and messengers sent by Allah have called mankind to the peaceful path of Islam so that they may find the right path. Let’s see the method of invitation (Da’wah) of our beloved Prophet SAW to the way of Allah.

The Principle of Invitation

Allah instructed the beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in the Qur’an to inform Him of the principles of His da’wah. ‘(O Messenger!) Say: This (Islam) is my way. I invite to Allah knowingly, and so do those who follow me. And Allah is Exalted in Might, the Great, and I am not of the polytheists. ‘(Surah Yusuf: 106)

The principle of invitation to the path of the Almighty was to call people to the truth. As Allah says:That is, the call to truth is his alone” (Surah Ra’d:14). The subject of inviting people to Islam (the truth) is included with three fundamental things of Tawhid. These are:

1.       To worship only Allah;

2.        Not to associate anyone with him and

3.        Not giving anyone the divine authority to enact Sharia law.

So, the principle of the invitation of the Prophet SAW, was that they should not accept an idol, nor a cross, nor fire, nor anything else as their Lord. Rather, we will worship only one God. And this was the invitation of every prophet (peace be upon them). Therefore, there is no alternative to accepting these three things (uniform sentence) more as principles and foundations to unite this hundred-divided and isolated Ummah even in the present time. So, let’s see the method of invitation (Da’wah) of our Prophet SAW to Deen Islam with this principle.

How did He Call People to Allah?

Da’wah in the way of Deen Islam is the best work of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad SAW himself used to invite people to the way of Allah. These methods of inviting have also been declared in the Qur’an. Allah has also instructed us to inform people about this method of da’wah.

Since He was sent as a messenger, Da’wah was a great responsibility imposed on Him by Allah. He was steadfast and uncompromising in fulfilling this duty for the rest of His life after receiving the prophethood. So, let’s see how did our beloved Prophet SAW invited people to the religion of Allah:

According to the Guidance of Allah

Since Allah Almighty has sent Muhammad (PBUH) to bring mankind to the path of light so, Allah himself has determined the way of invitation. He never followed His own thoughts or opinions in fulfilling this noble duty of invitation. Rather, He only followed the command and instructions of Allah in carrying out this responsibility. That’s why the great Lord ordered Him to give advice and invitation of truth (Tawhid of Allah) only. He did not impose on our Prophet (PBUH) the responsibility of Hidayat. Because it is only up to our Lord himself. “Therefore, advise (men) in case of the reminder profits” Al-A’laa: 09. “So, advise them (O, Muhammad SAW), you are only an adviser.” Al-Ghaashiya: 21. So, the method of invitation (Da’wah) of our Prophet SAW to Allah was performed spontaneously by the guidance of His Lord.

Periodic Invitation

In secret

as any reform movement has to start secretly first the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was commanded for the secret activity of invitation. Because when the entire society is drowned in consumerism, advancing with the invitation to establish a society based on the hereafter without consumption is a difficult task. As a result, He began the invitation very carefully. His pious wife Khadijatul Kubra (RA) was the first to accept His invitation. more than forty people including Zayed bin Harsha, Ali ibn Abi Taleb, and Abu Bakr ibn Abi Kuhafa (may Allah be pleased with all of them) were enlightened by the light of Islam in the first three years of His Prophethood.

In open

when a group of believers bound by bonds of brotherhood and mutual aid was created and qualified to bear the burden of the message and Islam was able to strengthen its position somewhat, then the messenger of Allah (PBUH) openly invited Islam. In this regard, the first words of Allah were revealed: “And warn your near relatives.”    As-Shu’ara: 26. After getting this order for inviting, Prophet (PBUH) started to invite His closer relatives.

Later, when the order of open invitation became stronger, He continued to carry out the activities of invitation publicly. This order has come to Him like, “Therefore, proclaim openly that which you are commanded, and turn away from Al-Mushrikun (polytheists).” Al-Hijr: 94

After the revelation of this verse, the messenger of Allah began to make public invitations to polytheist societies and alleys. He continued to read the Book of Allah to them and continued to preach what the other messengers used to invite. “O, my people! Worship Allah, you have no god but Him.” And people started worshiping Allah in front of the sight. Then He used to pray in broad daylight in front of the Quraysh leaders in the Kaaba. His call to religion spread rapidly and initiated one by one people into Islam, the religion of Peace. So, these are the periodic method of invitation (Da’wah) of our Prophet SAW to the religion of Allah from the beginning of His Prophethood.

By Avoiding the Rigid Approach

However, there was no aggression in the call of the Prophet (peace be upon him). He did not force anyone. He was indeed outspoken to others about his beliefs. Instead, sometimes he suffered cruel torture and insult himself while giving invitations to Deen. Sometimes He was bloody and bribed but never resorted to strictness. Never forced anyone to accept Islam by force. Because Islam is a religion in which acceptance is not forced. This path is open to all. He who wills shall accept and whoever wills shall reject. After that, he will enjoy the result of his karma. As the Almighty says: “There is no compulsion in religion. verily, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path.” Al Baqarah: 256

In another verse, our Lord says, “And say: the truth is from your Lord. Then whoever wills, let him believe, and whoever wills, let him disbelieve. Verily, I have prepared for the Zalimun a Fire whose walls will be surrounding them.”   Al-Kahaf: 29

With Wisdom and Simplicity

The Prophet of the liberation of the world humanity was a wise, prudent, simple, and ordinary person. He was unsurpassed in his standards of integrity. He spread the infallible message of Tawhid to people from all walks of life and brought them from the darkness of foolishness to the path of light and made them pure and excellent. And Allah himself has ordered Him in this way:

“Call to the path of your Lord; Discuss with them in a good way by explaining knowledge and listening to advise in a good way. Surely your Lord knows best those who stray from His Path. And He knows best those who are on the right path.” (Surah Nahl: verse 125)

With Patience, and Confidence

Not everyone accepted the invitation of the Prophet SAW easily and equally. Some haughtily avoided it, and some ridiculed Him in various ways. But He never retreated from the great responsibility of Da’wah being hurt by the behavior of proud community leaders. Rather, with patience and strong faith, He firmly completed this great responsibility of Risalah. In this issue Allah has consoled Him with: “It may be that you (O, Muhammad SAW) are going to kill yourself with grief, that they do not become believers. If I will, I could send down a sign to them from heaven, to which they would bend their necks in humility.”  As- Shuaara:3,4. Now we got astonished to know the policy of invitation (Da’wah) of our prophet Saw to Allah with a stratagy of peace and patience.

The Order of Da’wah for Us

This great order of inviting people to the way of peace is not limited to our Prophet SAW only. Rather, every wise person can engage himself in the activity of Da’wah. Because it is our duty to convey the great message and the concept of Islam to every human being all over the world. However, we must acquire the noble characteristics of a Muslim before doing this. As we all should know, they are the best in the world; Those who call people to the way of Allah by inviting them to the path of justice and preventing them from injustice. That declaration has also appeared in several narrations of the Qur’an. Allah says.

“If you are the best nation, you have been created for the welfare of mankind. You will enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in God. And if the People of the Scripture had believed, it would have been better for them. Some of them are believers, and most of them are transgressors.”  Al-Imran: 110

Our beloved Prophet SAW has also inspired us to invite people to the path of Allah. He gave us guidance about the importance of Da’wah in the Hadith. So, we also should invite people to Allah following the way of invitation (Da’wah) of our prophet SAW. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Surely you will enjoin righteousness and forbid evil and sinful deeds, otherwise the wrath of Allah will descend upon you soon. Then you will continue to pray but your prayers will not be accepted.”  (Tirmidhi)


Inviting people to Allah is the greatest act of prophethood. Allah the Almighty has given direction for this work. our Prophet SAW has fulfilled this responsibility with wisdom, simplicity, confidence, patience, and a flexible approach following the guidance of Allah. He also warned us that heavenly torment would befall those who refrain from this work. At that time no prayer of the people will be accepted. So, the believing Muslims should call people to Allah. May Allah grant the Muslim Ummah the Tawfeeq to call people to Allah according to the guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah.    (Ameen)