Marriage is a socially recognized, sacred, and valid bond relationship between a man and a woman. And this bond between husband and wife is heavenly, benevolent, and universal. In contrast to the uncivilized culture of all promiscuous, illicit, immoral, and dirty sexual relations, marriage is the beginning of a familial, social, and universally recognized legitimate relationship through which a woman and a man attain the ultimate fullness of life, the sacred flavor of youth, and the inexhaustible meaning of living. Thus, this sacred relationship begins a new joint life for a husband and a wife. And so, the rest of life’s happiness, peace, and prosperity lies in making this integrated journey successful, meaningful, and beautiful. And for the highest success of this communal life, it is profoundly necessary to develop lovely, sincere, and good relations between spouses in married life.


Ways to Develop Good Relations Between Spouses


Be Loving and Romantic

A loving and romantic attitude has the most essential impact to develop good relations between spouses. Because this demeanor helps a couple to build a solid emotional connection between them which is essential for a healthy, peaceful, and fulfilled relationship, it also fosters intimacy, trust, and understanding that help maintain a positive attitude toward each other.

So, feel free to complement your spouse’s looks and admire his or her beauty. Keep lovingly expressing to your spouse why you like or love a particular part of his or her body (ie: eyes, hair, nose, face, etc,). In this way, you can express any special posture of your partner. And adequately try to praise the way he or she walks or his or her skill and expertise at a particular task. Hopefully, a harmonious, sincere, and unique relationship will be developed between you and your spouse.

Be Caring and Dedicated 

To develop good relations between spouses, this matter plays a very important and effective role. Because it is a relationship that gradually grows stronger and lasts longer due to mutual care, attention, and dedication. Moreover, your partner is the dearest and most loving person to you. So, if this loved one remains careless, avoided, or neglectful, he or she will gradually lose hope, trust, and dependence on you. As a result, the distance between the two of you will gradually increase. Therefore, to develop a strong, sincere, and harmonious relationship with your partner, take utmost care of your loved one and always be devoted and dedicated to him or her.

Be Understanding and Affectionate 

A little effort toward showing affection and mutual understanding can go a long way in keeping the lovely, sweeter, and holy spark of spouses alive and creating a harmonious relationship between them. However, man is not a machine. So, their mental and physical condition may not always be positive and good. Moreover, due to fatigue, depression, fear, or distress, we often become mentally disturbed. Hence, these conditions of a person should never be ignored in a coupled life. So, try to be supportive. You must know that marriage is a partnership, and it is important to support your partner’s goals and dreams also. So, be affectionate to encourage your partner to pursue his passions, and be there to support him when he needs it.

However, in this case, mutual understanding of spouses is crucial to develop good relations between spouses. Because only with good understanding one can feel and realize the immediate need of the partner and provide necessary affection and services accordingly. Physical touch is also an important aspect of any relationship. Showing physical affection to the partner, such as holding hands, cuddling, or giving hugs, can help to strengthen the emotional bond between spouses.

Be Sacrificial and Trustworthy 

After marriage, your partner is your best friend with whom you can share all your happiness, sorrows, joys, and pains. So, your partner is your most reliable trust in any of your illnesses, worries, distresses, adversities, or dangers. Therefore, maintaining a sincere relationship with your partner is very important for you in your married life. And another important remedy for this is to make sacrifices for your partner and earn his loyalty. However, mutual trust and sacrifice towards each other are one of the main influences in developing good relations between spouses.

Be Grateful and Appreciating 

It goes without saying that in married life, both husband and wife spend their time, labor, and money on various activities for the welfare of their family. Not only in this sense but also both try in different ways to achieve maximum satisfaction for their partner. For example, husbands often shoulder the responsibility of the entire family and devote their maximum to earning money. On the other hand, wives take care of their children, other family members, and the household.

In these cases, both husband and wife have to strive for their best. And so, mutual gratitude and appreciation are a must for both of them. Because acknowledgment, gratitude, and praise for efforts and striving deepen the love for each other between spouses by making relationships stronger and deeper. Hence, mutual gratitude, praise, and appreciation are one of the main determinants to develop beautiful, healthy, and good relations between spouses.

Be Flexible and Avoid Anger

In many cases, the husband or wife has a very rough and tough temperament. By this, he or she cannot create an easy and flexible bond with their spouse. As a result, these kinds of people fail to ensure easy communication to express or share their various emotions, feelings, or desires that arise in them. And that’s why the internal and cordial distance increases between them.

Therefore, spouses should be gentle, easy, and flexible toward each other in married life for a harmonious relationship between them. And at the same time, it is also necessary for the spouses to avoid fierceness, anger, and undue excitement toward each other. Because fierceness and anger will create a wall of distance between them and create bitterness in their married relationship. So, it is important to be flexible, easy, understanding, and free of anger, fierceness, and undue excitement to develop good relations between spouses.

Hangout with Your Partner

Spending some special time with your spouse in the midst of a busy schedule can do wonders for your relationship as a couple. It will provide you with some refreshments from a monotonous lifestyle. To hang out, you can go shopping with your spouse at regular intervals or go out for dinner at different restaurants on your weekends.

So, making special time for each other can develop some good relations between spouses. Indeed, your life can get busy, but it is also essential to make time for your partner. So, try to set aside dedicated time each week to spend together, whether it is a date night or a weekend getaway. This will help to keep the good sparks alive in the relationship with your spouse.

Fulfill Your Responsibilities

Most of the tensions and insecurity of marriage life arise from the ignorance of the mutual rights of husband and wife. However, ensuring these rights of spouses is very important in building a happy married life. Because it is possible to build good relations between spouses only by ensuring these rights to each other. However, a wife will ensure her husband the rights he deserves (eg: obedience, servitude, sexual rights, etc.). Similarly, a husband will also ensure his wife the rights she deserves (ie: basic needs, security, etc.). Thus, a sweeter relationship will develop between them, which will bind them with its thread throughout their entire life.

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Be Religious and Righteous

It is very easy for the pious and virtuous to develop good relations with their companions in married life. Because people of this nature are very flexible, responsible, and caring, which are essential elements in building sincere, intimate, and good relations between spouses.  In Islamic teachings, it is necessary for a husband and a wife to maintain good conduct, good relations, and fair dealings with each other. In this regard, the great ideals of Islam have specified and prescribed certain obligations, duties, and mutual rights for spouses in their married life.

So, if you are a true Muslim i.e., a pious person, then these important things will reflect in your regular behavior as well as make you a responsible and right-conscious person. On the other hand, your honest character and good deeds will make your partner emotional, loyal, and caring toward you. Hence, piety and righteousness play an incomparable role in developing sweet, sincere, and good relations between spouses.


There is no substitute for a good relationship between husband and wife in building a happy married life. This is absolutely important because spouses spend their entire lives with their partners based on this heavenly relationship. However, developing good relationships between spouses takes time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it. At last, we can say that by following these effective and precious guidelines, it is very much possible to develop harmonious and good relations between spouses through which they can strengthen their bond and build a happy, ever-lasting, and fulfilling married life.