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Peace and Mercy of Allah SWT be upon you. My heartiest congratulations and gratitude for visiting my blog. Here, I am expressing my ideas and views about various common objects of Islam, reviewing various Islamic books, and describing some historic information and plots of Islam through some articles, stories, contents, etc.

Hi there! I’m Azhar Mahmud. I am a Bangladeshi blog content and article writer. basically on this site, I am writing about some basic concepts of Islam. To be honest, I am not an Islamic scholar. The contents I am writing about, are the result of my self-study and curiosity.

Even a few days ago, I was an indifferent person about Islamic practice and culture. By the infinite kindness and mercy of the Almighty Allah, the feelings of love, and interest for the Deen of Allah increased in me. By the precious light of the Qur’an, I keep getting back on track of my true life, my real existence. I get concerned that what an expensive truth the way of life is! In the hope of peace in this world and freedom in the hereafter, I am quite attentive to my Lord’s orders or regulations now Alhamdulillah. And with that point of view, I get inspired to express my ideas, feelings, and lessons with all of you.

The main theme of this blog is Islamic practice. However, it is important to say that I am not an Islamic scholar. So, I am just trying to share my expressions with you as a student of the Holy Qur’an. I have organized this blog by describing some basic Islamic ideas, reviews of some Islamic books, some pure and authentic history of Islam, Some events in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him), some historical places, etc. All these are the result of the mercy of Almighty Allah and my sole intention. So, if you are a Muslim or seeker of Islamic knowledge, then this site may help you express your feelings regarding my content here.

Please, continue to be kind enough to my limitations, lack of knowledge, and unintentional mistakes. My door is always open for your valuable feedback, constructive comments, relevant discussion, and necessary suggestions.

– Azhar Mahmud

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